Every day walking through our cities, we see countless people carrying and using disposable plastic bottles. The amount of plastic waste is growing from day to day, polluting our oceans and increasing greenhouse gases tremendously. Why is that so?


We are living in a society where convenient and fashionable solutions are available for nearly every aspect of our life’s, but when it comes to carrying our number one food – drinking water – people still rely on the methods from 40 years ago. The shape and design of reusable bottles is one of the main reasons for that. Most of them lack a fashionable design and contrary to the carrying devices we use in our businesses, as a student or in our leisure time, no matter if it is a backpack, a briefcase or a messenger bag, they mostly feature a round “bottle” shape. Even the few which started with a more rectangular design didn´t go the last mile. So we started developing the aquabook.

We want the behavior of using disposable bottles to end and therefore completely rethought the process of carrying drinkable liquids. We took the objects we use in our daily mobile lifestyle and created a completely new bottle fitting in there. Its outer form is defined by the A5 format, ensuring a smooth interaction with all types of bags and with everything what’s normally in there like notebooks, books, documents or food boxes. By doing so we can ensure the highest grade of user friendliness.

Changing personal habits is always hard, but if the product supporting this change is more convenient and has better usability than the conventional ones, plus, it features a contemporary design, people will love to change. We want to support this change over several years, so we focus on the highest quality while living environmental sustainability and responsibility. All parts of our product are manufactured in Germany based on a raw material from the US. Local sourcing guarantees a minimization of transportation ways and greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring the highest quality standards.

But we don´t just want people to change, we want them to make a statement and everyone loves to share what he has created himself. As every person is unique, the things he creates are as well. That’s why we not only offer individual combinations of body and cap colors but also offer the possibility to brand the bottle individually. Due to state of the art printing technology people can use this worldwide unique service at a fair and affordable price which makes it easy for them to create their own, unique drinking device.

All this combines to a product which can make the world a better place by changing the way people drink and think. Not only for us but also for future generations.


We believe that the products we use should support the people in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, not the other way round. This includes that reusable bottles have to be completely BPS and BPA free. That´s why we created the aquabook.